Opinion: My Leica Diary

Here’s a nice Leica Q&A blog post by a fellow blogger.

Rangefinder Maniac by Kan P. my new site -> www.kanp.photography

There are lots of facts & opinions about Leica out there, this is surely not a breakthrough in this subject. I have always wanted to share my thoughts about why I’ve decided to join the red dot club (so as many of you). This is by no mean trying to convert, implant or spread out any Leicaness or Leica-ism. The followings are questions that people asked me or comments I have heard of. Just for fun guys!! Remember, if you are one of Leica man/ woman (or Canon/ Nikon/ etc. man& woman, whatever), please feel free to share your comments!!

P.S. I only use Leica M-System, so I reserve my comment about other stuff like S, compact, etc.


Q: What’s so good about it, why is it so expensive? Is it the best camera? (A typical initial response)

Me: Umm..yeah, it is really costly, I dun know what so good about…

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Handwriting Makes You Smarter

Very interesting article on the brain and writing with the hands

The Well-Appointed Desk

MS Handwriting Extinct 1

In the September 2013 issue of Martha Stewart Living, there was an article title “Is Handwriting Becoming Extinct?” written by Joanne Chen. The article dives more deeply into the psychological, brain development and creative benefits of writing than I would normally expect from a newsstand magazine usually focused on home decor and recipes. It discusses several scientific studies that researched the advantages of writing on cognitive development, memory and comprehension.

What we here all know, that writing helps us think, organize and remember (“I’m writing it down to remember it now”), is clearly a scientifically proven fact, one that we should help to nurture in ourselves and in others. Digital doesn’t solve everything and might be making up even more forgetful.

I would love to share a link to the article but I could not find it on the Martha Stewart web site. Maybe when the October issue is published…

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Brause “Blue Pumpkin” Nib

Hello one and all.

I wanted to share with you some of my experiences with a newly discovered (to me) dip nib by Brause, called the No. 361 nib. It goes by various names, the “Steno” nib, or the “Blue Pumpkin”.

Brause Calligraphy Set

Brause Calligraphy Set

Let me just say that the 361 is an amazing nib! It’s super flexy and needle-point fine. So you can achieve some really stark line variation with this thing.

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Kaweco Ice Sport and Dia2 Nibs

Hello dear readers,

I have been lagging on updating my blog with new entries for several weeks now. I have many ideas but can’t find the time to put them all to life.

Today I want to share with you a recent discovery I made about Kaweco pens.

Kaweco Ice Sport and Dia2

Kaweco Ice Sport and Dia2

Pretty much every retailer out there sells Kaweco Ice & Classic Sport nibs separately from the nib replacement units for the Dia2.

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