My First Attempt at Bookbinding

This was my first try at bookbinding. I first got the idea for this from a blog post here.

My first Notebook

My first Notebook

The idea seemed easy enough to do. You only require easily available household goods to make this happen.

I made this from: Continue reading


Lamy Vista Eyedropper Conversion

Here’s a video I did some time back of an eyedropper conversion of a Lamy Vista pen.

On the face of it, a Lamy Vista is not a pen that seems a good candidate for eyedropper filler conversion, given the large viewing windows on the sides of the barrel.

But with some water sealant glue and some determination. I was able to plug all of the holes and make the entire barrel into a giant ink reservoir.

I was pretty proud of this when I made the first one.

I’ve done 4 of these so far, and each one is perfect. Not a single drop of leaked ink.

This video is done in two parts.

Part II of this video is available here (