Lamy 2000… A Perspective

Hello dear readers.
Today I want to talk about my story with the much maligned, anti-climactic workhorse which has endured the test of time: the Lamy 2000.

Lamy 2000 Makrolon and Stainless

My first foray into this pen was when I purchased the makrolon (black) version with a Broad nib from Amazon. I was told that the broad was slightly stubbish and that’s what sold me on it. When I received and tried it out, the line variation was ever so slight. By most standards it was a ball tip.

It was a turn off to have such a mundane nib but I really enjoyed the sleek, no-nonsense utilitarian styling, the Bauhaus design. So I kept it.

I then had the temerity to proceed with the purchase of the stainless steel version of the same pen, also with a Broad nib from the goulets.

Both pens sat in mothballs for many moons. I had known about the shiny patina that develops over the makrolon with continued usage but I had yet to see it.

Modified B nib with added Line Variation

The utility of these pens greatly increased when I took both of them to Mr. Masuyama’s desk at the SF Pen Show to have the nib ground down to add line variation.

Modified B nib with added Line Variation

The outcome was remarkable. I began using both pens on a daily basis to maintain my to-do lists at work.



The appeal of the timeless classic design is quite real and understated.

Bauhaus Sensibilities

Some of the more common criticisms I hear of this pen:

Section 'Ears'

1- The little retainer clip that has ears sticking out of the section, making it uncomfortable to hold and write with for long durations. It can be annoying sometimes but I’ve gotten used to it.



Difficult Ink Window

2- The ink window on the makrolon version is not very effective in gauging the ink level in the tank. You have to hold it to the light and wait for it to settle.
On the stainless steel version there is no ink window at all.



3- The (stock) nib has a bit of a selective sweet spot. You have to hold it just right for it to work properly and glide on the page.

Still I love my Lamy 2000’s and the makrolon is beginning to patina as I put it to daily use. You can see the shine that has started to develop on the barrel.



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