Opinion: My Leica Diary

Here’s a nice Leica Q&A blog post by a fellow blogger.

Rangefinder Maniac by Kan P. my new site -> www.kanp.photography

There are lots of facts & opinions about Leica out there, this is surely not a breakthrough in this subject. I have always wanted to share my thoughts about why I’ve decided to join the red dot club (so as many of you). This is by no mean trying to convert, implant or spread out any Leicaness or Leica-ism. The followings are questions that people asked me or comments I have heard of. Just for fun guys!! Remember, if you are one of Leica man/ woman (or Canon/ Nikon/ etc. man& woman, whatever), please feel free to share your comments!!

P.S. I only use Leica M-System, so I reserve my comment about other stuff like S, compact, etc.


Q: What’s so good about it, why is it so expensive? Is it the best camera? (A typical initial response)

Me: Umm..yeah, it is really costly, I dun know what so good about…

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