Noodler’s Ebonite Konrad Jade Ripple

Today I received this, the seventh in a series of Noodler’s Konrad Pens made of ebonite. This one is the Noodler’s Konrad Jade Ripple design.

Konrad Jade Ripple Ebonite

Konrad Jade Ripple Ebonite

I’ve fitted it with my Nemosine 0.8 mm nib and have loaded it with Private Reserve Avacado.

Nemosine 0.8 Nib

Nemosine 0.8 Nib

I’ve done a bit of nib modifications to make it a very lush and wet writer. I’ve drawn a razor blade in between the tines to open up the ink channel on the nib. And then I followed it with a small amount of nib smoothing on 2000 and 2500 grit paper to remove the burrs, for the nib became quite scratchy after the razor blade treatment. So scratchy in fact, that it was digging into the paper and removing paper fibers, quite unpleasant.

Closeup of the Ripple Pattern

Closeup of the Ripple Pattern

But now it writes as smooth as a baby’s bottom… err, maybe not quite.

Writing Sample on Miquelruis notebook

Writing Sample on Miquelruis notebook


2 thoughts on “Noodler’s Ebonite Konrad Jade Ripple

  1. I just ordered an olive ripple ebonite Konrad. I might not have ordered it after seeing your Blog post. In your picture the cap and barrel seem to be different colors. Is this the case in real-life? If it is, I would immediately send this pen back. Thanks for the post, David

    • The difference in the ripple shades not terribly noticeable. It’s a pretty dark colored pen. The green ripples are pretty dark.

      I had a bit of difficulty photographing this pen because over a white background like a rhodia dot-pad, it would look close to completely black as the camera would meter and expose correctly for the white background. So instead I placed this pen over dark oak-wood tabletop background to bring out the details in the ripple pattern a bit more clearly.

      I think you’ll like the pen when you meet it in person. Don’t be disappointed just yet. 🙂

      I got mine from the goulet’s and on their site they’ve photographed it against a light colored background so as you can see it looks pretty darn close to black there with hints of green ripples.

      And in normal light, you might not even notice the difference in the shade of green.

      With this type of ebonite material though, you can expect to see some variations between the cap, the barrel and the blind-cap. I think of it like a good quality leather, it’s warm to the touch but not necessarily consistent all the way through.

      Let me know how you like it when you receive it.

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