Noodler’s x-Feather: Under Duress

Hi All,

I wanted to share some images here of the performance I saw of Noodler’s x-Feather in adverse conditions.

2013-06-18 22.59.30

The Implements:

  • Ultra-Cheap, Ultra-Porous, Ultra-Absorbant, Office-Max writing pad paper.
  • Vintage Flex Pen: Black Hard Rubber Golden Rule Pen, with a very juicy Warranted 14K flex nib
  • Noodler’s x-Feather.. of course.
Golden Rule Pen Clip Cloesup

Golden Rule Pen Clip Cloesup

Warranted 14K nib size #4, very juicy..

Warranted 14K nib size #4, very juicy..

This pen is a lever filler with an ink sac, but I didn’t want to fill the sac with the ink, so I just dipped the nib and wrote with it.

Cloesup Feathering

Cloesup Feathering

The results as you can see are less than ideal.

After observing this, I’m not sure how much I should believe the claim that “you can write on a kitchen paper-towel with this ink and it will not feather”. To be fare though, it probably would perform acceptably if I had used a dryer writing pen, but instead I chose a gusher, to see how it holds up.

Thanks for reading.

My focus right now is to discover inks that don’t feather or bleed through on poor quality paper. My last post regarding brown inks was centered around that goal as well.

It’s my objective to come up with a set of very functional pens and inks that I keep with me and carry everywhere in the office, and be able to write anywhere on any kind of paper. Contrary to much of what’s out there in the way of very flowery and colorful inks that won’t be appropriate in an office setting, as well as overly gaudy and ornate pens which would be attention gatherers in a meeting room.


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