Kaweco Sport Bulb Filler Conversion

Hello Dear Readers,

Today I wanted to share with you some photos of a Bulb Filler Conversion I did of one of my Kaweco Sports.

It is a brilliant idea, and I learned about it here.

So please sit back and enjoy..

Bulb Filler Kaweco Sport

Bulb Filler Kaweco Sport

It didn’t really take a whole lot of doing to get it accomplished.

I had some ink sacs lying around, and it was just a matter of hacking off the appropriate size off of the cartridge as well as the ink sac with an x-acto knife.

Bulb Filler Kaweco Sport Disassembled

Bulb Filler Kaweco Sport Disassembled

The youtube video mentions to seal it with some shellac, but I didn’t bother with doing that. I didn’t want to make it a permanent thing. I might need to pull them apart for cleaning in the future.

The ink sac was very tightly fit around the exterior of the open end of the cartridge. I observed for leaks closely, but there weren’t any.

Ink Sac & Int'l Short Cartridge

Ink Sac & Int’l Short Cartridge

Thanks for reading..


2 thoughts on “Kaweco Sport Bulb Filler Conversion

  1. Hi Syed, thanks for this guide! I want to do the same to my Kaweco Sport, but don’t have any sacs lying around. Was plannign to buy one off Ebay, any recommendations on the size or what to get? I’ve seen some guides recommend size 18 but I’m unfamiliar. Thanks!

    • Hi Allan,
      Thanks for visiting my site and commenting.

      I haven’t been very particular about the size of the rubber sac. As you can see from the pictures, I’m using a sac that’s a bit too small (I believe it was a size 10 but I don’t remember).

      I prefer them being on the smaller side because then I can stretch them and make them fit over the open posterior end of the cartridge. That way the friction will keep the sac in place. I didn’t use any shellac here because glue, in general, tends to complicate my life 🙂

      In another pen I had a bigger sac and didn’t use any shellac, the ink stayed inside but traces of it were starting to come through and it wasn’t a very tight seal.

      There’s a catch 20 situation here, on the one had a larger sac will give you more ink capacity, it will not be a tight seal around the cartridge. And on the other a smaller sac will be a snug fit around the cartridge at the expense of reduced ink capacity.

      Honestly, though, you’re much better off making the whole thing into an eyedropper filler if you’re in want of greater ink capacity.

      Also, sacs aren’t that expensive, I believe I ordered some from Anderson Pens a while back. Maybe try several different sizes and see which one works best.

      If you try it out, please do let us know what you find. I’d love to hear back from you.

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