My Darling Set of Kaweco Sports

Wanted to share my full set of Kaweco Ice Sport Pens, all 7 colors.

Kaweco Ice Sports

Kaweco Ice Sport Set

Currently loaded in them:

  • Classic Sport Clear Demonstrator : Sailor Jentle Black
  • Ice Sport Pink: Sailor Jentle Grenade
  • Ice Sport Green: Sailor  Jentle Epinard
  • Ice Sport Blue: Sailor Jentle Ultra Marine

All of the above are fitted with ‘BB’ nibs. I use the above pens to keep a log of all of my frivolities (spending on my fountain pen hobby).

And then:

  • Ice Sport Orange : Noodler’s Apache Sunset
  • Ice Sport Yellow: Rohrer & Klinger Alt-Goldgrun

They have 1.5 nibs in them and are due for a change down to 1.1 nib size.  Apache Sunset and Alt-Goldgrun make a very charming couple.

And lastly..

  • Ice Sport Red : Currently on vacation.

Side Note:

Photo gear used was

  • Leica Summarit 50mm f/1.5 Lens. There is a definite loss in sharpness while using this lens wide open.
  • Epson R-D1 Digital Rangefinder

Text used as backdrop

  • “The Fix” by Percival Everett.
    A very entertaining story. I heard it first on NPR Selected Shorts
  • Top half : Caran d’Ache Caribbean Sea; Bottom half: Apache Sunset

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