Parker Nib Swappage

Today I want to talk about a procedure I discovered from FPN on how to swap nibs on a Parker Vector.

Parker vector has an infamous reputation for being a cheap, ubiquitous workhorse which is not held in very high regard by the seasoned pen enthusiast. People have various reasons for disliking it; its a cheap pen, its not comfortable to hold, its got no “pizzazz”. It is however, a very practical pen and it does write quite smoothly; an ideal pen for students.

The vector and a sheaffer targa is what put me through all of high school and I always had an affinity towards the vector.

Parker Vector Nib

The nib on a Parker Vector is a pretty standard build; triangular shape, no wings, and also no breathing hole.

The nib on the vector is seemingly interchangeable with a variety of other models, Parker 88, Parker Urban, Parker IM, and maybe many others.

Vector Nib (side view)

Vector Nib (side view)

For whatever reason one might experience the urge to interchange the nib from their favorite pen to a pen body that is more comfortable to hold (as happened with me). I wanted to swap the broad nib from a Vector, a beautifully smooth writer with the slightest hint of line variation, onto a Parker Urban which has a bit more heft and contour, and is therefore more comfortable to hold.

I will go ahead and paste an illustration here, diagrams tend speak a lot better than long descriptions.

Nib Extraction Procedure

And voila!

Nib, Feed, and Grip Section

Nib, Feed, and Grip Section

It requires a bit of courage to try this the first time, but if you’re like me and you love to tinker with your nibs and pens, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Especially with pens that are cheaply available, its okay to venture out on more dangerous expeditions. You’ve got little to loose if you totally wreck the pen.


2 thoughts on “Parker Nib Swappage

    • Hello Klaus,
      Thanks very much for visiting my blog and I’m glad you found this information useful.

      The only place I know where you may have a good chance of finding an EF nib that is compatible with a vector is probably with Peter Twydle. Here’s a link to his site where he has Parker Jotters available with F, M, and B nibs

      You could also email him to check if he has models of Parker 15 Jotter, or Parker 88 which have the same triangular shoulder-less breathless nib that seemingly is fully compatible with the Vector. His email is:

      He states on his site that he likely has a lot wider inventory of pens and nibs, much more than what you see on his site.

      I bought a couple of Broad nibs for Parker 88 from him and I found him very good to do business with. Transaction was smooth and effortless and communication was prompt and responsive. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer from the past.

      Thanks again, and please do let us know whether you were successful in finding that EF nib it may be helpful to others who may be in search of the same.

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